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The barber, beauty, and cosmetology industries are always changing and growing. Here at Southern California College of Barber & Beauty, we will aid your creativity and help you become a master at your craft. The opportunities this field has to offer are vast and waiting for you.


“It’s not just a haircut, its tradition” This phrase perfectly describes what we want our students to aspire for in their journey to becoming a barber.


We offer a very exciting and comprehensive cosmetology program that not only focuses on technical aspects of cosmetology but also the professional aspect.

Barber Crossover

Barbering is becoming one of the hottest careers in the workforce, and licensed cosmetologists are recognizing this and coming in to expand their expertise and get licensed as a barber.

“Live your passion, love your career.”

Your career starts here in the growing field of barbering and cometology


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Barber Crossover

Explore more about the Barber Crossover Program


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Over 40 Years of Experience

Our instructors carry over a combined 40 years of experience working in the barber and beauty industries. Students are our main focus. We want to share our knowledge and help you prepare for success, both here at Southern California College of Barber and Beauty and in your future career.


Passing Rate

We will always support you to meet your educational goals. At Southern California College of Barber & Beauty, we strive to provide the steps that can prepare you to sit for the state board exam.


Affordable Beauty School Tuition Cost

We offer one of the most affordable tuition costs of any beauty school. You can schedule a tour today to receive more detailed information regarding tuition for your specific educational program.

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