What Do I Need To Start School

We require the following documents:

1. A copy of your high school diploma or official high school transcript (transcript must show graduated).

2. A copy of a valid driver’s license or ID card.

3. Social Security Number

I did not do well in traditional school; how will Barber and Cosmetology school be different?
Some individuals do not do well in traditional colleges and universities because they tend to be more visual and creative. If you are one of those people who learn visually and pride yourself in being creative and cutting edge – the Cosmetology and Barber industry is just right for you. Although you will have some required reading, the majority of your time will be spent “hands on” working with mannequin heads and live clients in the school. Our instructors strive to present the material in creative and exciting way. Just remember, what earns success in the Cosmetology/Barbering industry is demonstrating a great personality and skill with your hands.
How long does it take to complete the various programs?

Please review the enrollment section of this website to get information on the various programs and schedules.

Can I transfer from another school?

We welcome transfer students as long as you are currently in good standing and have resolved all financial commitments to your previous schools.

What do you provide in your student kit?

Our kit contains all the tools and books necessary to complete your education. All supplies necessary to work on clients will be provided at no additional cost to what you receive in your kit.

What if I need time off for emergencies?

We allow days for you to miss without penalty in case of emergencies or family problems – please review the days you can miss with your enrollment counselor. Additionally, we may grant you a limited leave of absence should it become necessary. We do, however encourage you take your education seriously by maintaining good attendance and devoting yourself to your education.

Do you assist with job placement?

At the school we maintain a list of salons and barber shops that are looking for graduates. Often we are able to connect students with shop owners even before they graduate. Through our guest artist program, you will meet incredible shop owners and industry professionals who will help you establish a network with professionals who are always on the lookout for talented students. Often, by the time they graduate, many of our graduates know exactly where they will be working. Our job list is available for life to our graduates, no matter how long you have been out of school.

If I graduate in your state, can I move to another state and use my license?

Every state has its own special requirements for licensing. Please check with our enrollment counselor about reciprocity (using your license in other states).

Do classes start regularly?

Because of our unique module system, we are able to start new student classes weekly. Please speak with your campus enrollment counselor for the exact start dates.

Must I be a High School graduate to attend your school?

No, but if you have not graduated from high school, you will need a GED certificate or be able to demonstrate the ability to benefit from the training by passing the ATB (Ability To Benefit) test offered through the school. ATB tests are offered by a certified tester not employed by the school and require a small fee paid directly to the examiner.

Do you offer government financial aid and loans?

Southern California College of Barber and Beauty is a new school, so we currently are unable to offer FAFSA, but we are working towards accreditation within the next two years. Student loans are available for those who qualify. All government programs are based on need. Discuss your financial need with our financial aid staff who can help you to maximize the assistance you may receive to complete your education.

Once I complete the program will I receive my license?

Before being licensed you must pass an examination by the California State Board or Barbering and Cosmetology. We are proud of our program of intense training and drilling to pass the State exam administered during your last 200 hours of school. Additionally, we administer to all students a “mock board exam” which lets you know what the exam will be like so that you have no surprises.

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